Green Gene Enviro Protection & Infrastructure Ltd (GGEPIL) is the first private sector company promoted by Luthra Group in the year 1999 to plan, design and develop environment infrastructure projects in India.

GGEPIL is an Enviro Infrastructure company; active in the field of hazardous wastes management, municipal solid wastes management, waste-water treatment and eco industrial infrastructure.

GGEPIL has established and is successfully operating Waste Mix Processing Facility / Alternate Fuel and Resource Facilities in Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and UT of D& DNH. The AFRF is successful in consistently supplying uniform and desired quality of Alternate Fuel and Alternate raw material; prepared from different kind of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes; to cement kilns. It is also proving economically a better solution to wastes generators as well.

SINCE 1999

GGEPIL ensures environmentally safe pre-processing followed by co-processing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by industries at all its Plants.

GGEPIL is a global, broad-based enviro-infrastructure company devoted to discovering new methods, new technologies and new ways to aid waste recovery, recycling and help build a sustainable environment. GGEPIL designs, develops, operates, and maintains integrated waste treatments, storage and disposal facilities in major states across India.

GGEPIL with its vast experience in effective disposal of Hazardous waste in different parts of the country through technically proven procedures by following all the necessary environmental safety aspects at various stages of waste processing and disposal for safe working and a clean and green environment.

MT hazardous waste, equivalent to the total hazardous waste produced in Singapore in over 10 years


MT of Ship breaking waste managed


Industrial Infrastructure Constructed

2.15 Lacs Sq.ft.

First private sector company promoted by Luthra Group in the year


Capacity to manage


MT per annum of e-Waste, which is equivalent to 250 million iPhone's

Energy recycled


hazardous waste equivalent to lighting 4200 Million bulbs



acre of land into Sustainable Parks which is the equivalent to build vatican city thrice over

First Eco Town spread over


acre to recycle and manage 201 Million tonnes of waste per annum



MT land fill cells for managing Municipal Solid waste equivalent of manage total Solid waste of Stockholm for over 8 years

Capacity to manage


(Million Liters of waste water per day) just enough to fill Golden Sea Lake in Beijing everyday

Experience of successfully constructing


sq.ft of Industrial infrastructure which is equiivalent to building the iconic "Taj Mahal" 120 Times Over



billion metre of cloth till date, the number equivalent to the population of India

CSR mandated in


by legislation, whereas it's a Luthra Group's mandate since 1981 250000 patients and students have taken it's benefit till date



MT per annum from waste in to fuel just enough to light up 29500 homes all year round

Board of Directors