Sustainable Alternate Fuel (SAF)

The group business activity significantly contributes towards achieving India’s goal of self-sustainability, Decarbonisation and GHG emissions reductions

Vision : To be a Preferred end- to-end Sustainable Solution provider by promoting circular economy

Mission : Transforming the waste to Cleaner,Greener Fuel in line with India’s commitment in COP’26.

Sustainable Alternate Fuel (SAF)
  1. Environment Infrastructure Pre-processing / Recycling of Industrial Hazardous & Non-Hazardous waste
  2. Production of Sustainable Alternate Fuel (SAF) through Recycling/ reuse of RDF from MSW
  3. Recycling of Industrial Waste water through CETP-ZLD

Industrial Infrastructure Sustainable : Eco-industrial parks for textile sectors.

preparation facility
Our facilities are compliant with regulations in India and other South Asian countries

SAF is a high purity RDF permitted to be used as routine fuel (as per Govt notification and rule), unlike hazardous based fuel permitted to be used only in Cement Industry

energy plant
The said facility processes the impure RDF/ RDF Fraction, removes impurities and produces 95% pure RDF which is referred to as Sustainable Alternate Fuel (SAF).

• More than 20 years of experience in the field of Municipal Solid waste and Industrial Hazardous waste recycling

• Rich expertise and Knowledge base application across India

• GGEPIL has developed the SAF production process over the time to be used in boilers and furnaces across industry sectors

• Meets the Legal obligations while producing SAFHighly safe packing and will not require special arrangements. Can be stored in the open

• Reused 8,61,000 tons of Waste

SAF is a fuel from ‘Municipal Solid Wate’. It is proposed as an alternate to coal. It is permissible to be used in Cement Plants, Solid Fired Furnaces, Power Plant and Boilers by the Government of India.


SAF Sustainable Alternate Fuel


Specially Designed & Developed


Green & Environment Friendly Fuel


Achieving Circular Economy Goals

Why SAF?

  • SAF is better than coal and pet coke on some critical aspects such chloride, Sulphur, moisture content and % ash.
  • SAF is a cleaner and less corrosive than Pet coke and few other routine fuels.
  • SAF quality is trial, tested and consumed by a number of cement plants.
  • Sustained availability.
  • Supports reduction in coal consumption by cement and other consumers.
  • Supports EPR of plastic, as about 60-65% content is plastic.

Benefits of SAF

Economical pricing

Superior Quality

Large quantities

Easy packaging, storage and handling

Promotes Sustainability

Characteristics of SAF compared with the commonly used solid fuels
GCV 4000(+) 5500-6500 3200-6500 5500-6500
NCV 3500(+) 4000-4500 2500-2800 4500-5000
MOISTURE % <20 8-14 9-45 <15
ASH % <15 13-23 8-17 <14
CL % <0.8 <1 <1 <1
SULPHUR % <0.5 0.8-1 0.4-1 <1
PARTICLE SIZE(mm) <80 <50 <50 <80

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