Municipal Solid Waste Management

Green Urbanization Unsegregated waste can be fatal

Municipal waste is the term applied for waste that needs disposal right after they are generated.

Developing integrated MSW management systems starting from Door to Door Collection to Processing and Disposal is where GGepil has developed its expertise over the years. GGepil being associated with multiple corporations across the country cumulatively has developed infrastructure to handle over 20000 TPD of MSW. Processing of MSW to generate RDF's and Compost to the final disposal in sanitary engineered landfill's is how the MSW is being handled and Treated by GGepil.

landfill before


landfill after


Arty Science of Recycling

"Saving the Environment" beings its motto

GGEPIL offers consultancy to businesses and facilities keen on working towards a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

GGEPIL, promoted by Luthra Group, besides being the first in its class to design, develop & operate infrastructural environment projects, is also one of the largest in India. With international exposure and experience, it is continuously progressing towards its goal of executing Eco-friendly techniques of disposal of Hazardous, Non-hazardous, Water and Municipal waste.

"Pre-Processing " or the process of converting Industrial Hazardous Waste into Alternate Fuel (for Cement companies) has been brilliantly adopted by GGEPIL and the company operates eight Pre-Processing facilities across the country. Key factors like Reuse, Recycle and Recovery has been recognized by the company and technically sound, and legally approved methods are engaged to handle the waste at its units, which then go on to become directly suitable for utilization at cement kiln as fuel. This process ensures absolute disintegration of the waste and prevents further misapplication of energy resources. GGEPIL has a total built capacity of over 500,000 TPA.


Pre-Processing Facility
Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility (TSDF)
Common Effluent Treatment & Waste Water Recycling Plant
Integrated Eco Sustainable Industrial Parks
Waste to Energy - Common Boiler Steam Generation and Supply Project

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