The GRAMZ project aims at converting Tons of Waste to Grams of Waste through Grams of Water

Gujarat being the nucleus of industrial growth and development needs sustainable environment solutions for its rural and urban centres. Minimization of waste, recycling, recovery and reuse need to be emphasized.The GRAMZ project aims at converting Tons of Waste to Grams of Waste through Environmentally Safe Waste Recycling / Recovery Technologies and streamlining the waste collection / recycling system by training and upgrading kabadi and rag pickers. In doing so Gujarat will move towards a zero waste economy.We are leading in gujarat area we provide services in wastewater treatment plant companies,wastewater treatment companies,drinking water treatment sludge,wastewater treatment solutions,wastewater management companies
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The GRAMZ project has received excellent support from the government in the form of:

  1.  Promoting skill up gradation of rag pickers and kabadiwala and their involvement in modern waste recycling mission through specialized high end training centers.
  2. DMIC recognition as Early Bird Infrastructure Project – Recommendation to Government of India.
  3. Regulatory framework,Recycling act of Gujarat, Eco Town Policy.
  4.  Promotion of Education and Applied research in Wastes Recycling.
  5.  Making sector Specific commitments to attract foreign investments e.g. Ship Recycling.
  6.  Policy Frame work to incentivizes “Recycling in Industrial and Urban Development”, especially as apart of Eco Town.

A Town to heal the Earth

Comprehensive recycling facilities with endless possibilities

Facilities at GRAMZ will include:

  1. Centre of Excellence
  2. Plastic to Useful materials
  3. Rubber tyre recycling
  4. PET Bottle to Geo Textile
  5. Acid Regeneration/Concentration
  6. Oil recycling
  7. Glass, tube lights, Batteries and other Misc Recycling Technologies
  8. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Processing
  9. Metal Recovery Plant
  10. Rags/Misc Waste Management
  11. Vehicle recycling(End of Life)
  12. Bio Medical Waste
  13. Sewage Treatment Plant
  14. Common Effluent Treatment plant CETP
  15. MSW Processing and Disposal facility
  16. Hazardous Waste Management Facility(TSDF)
  17. Marine Outfall
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