Luthra Group stands a special place in heart professionally and personally. The company’s open approach makes builds truth in its stakeholders across the horizon of work. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a personal. I have learned so much – I faced challenge and I also experienced very beautiful moments that will stay forever in my memory and many more to come in my life.Here’s to continuing my career at this exceptional company.

Mithilesh RaiDeputy Manager (HRIS) at Luthra Group Of Companies

I was working in Gepil from last 7 years, Company is very friendly, All collegous are very supportive, I love working in this company environments,Many events like birthday celebrations, Holi Celebrations ,Diwali celebrations, Sports day. Love working in this company, 5 working days is nice, we can spent two days with family.

Ishwar SamudreSenior Assistant Luthra Group LLP

I feel very proud to be one of the oldest employee of GEPIL. My career has skied with the growth of the company. The extraordinary Knowledge Transfer across the different streams of the project has benefitted lot of employee. I am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights. All Employees are like family members.

Anil Patel
Anil PatelSr. Executive Administrator Corporate LGLLP

Myself Harish Savale working since 2012 in GEPIL, I Feel like this is my family, every person supports me a lot.
I am working as Executive Information Technology, I really enjoy working in my company, Main reason to stay in this company is
friendly environment and people are also very nice.

Harish Savale
Harish SavaleSr. Information Technology Corporate LGLLP

The internal work environment at Gepil far exceeds any corporation for which I’ve worked. All of our senior staff are approachable. I can honestly say, Gepil is the best employer in our area. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Gepil team. I am happy to work in the company since the past 4 years.

Rakesh VashiDGM - SAP & System
Corporate LGLLP

I have been working in the company since the past 10 years. The work environment in the company is relaxing and friendly. A great team environment. Work ethic is more professional with passionate people and exciting work atmosphere.

Amisha R. PawarReceptionist
Corporate LGLLP

A very comprehensive exhibition on environment and sustainable development.

Sudhir Kumar MisraCEPRD, Indore

Interesting business proposition of taking away the waste handling responsibility from the generator to your own self.

Arun SrivastavaDepartment of Atomic Energy, Mumbai

Noble venture, i hope it serves as a model for some more such ventures.

Alok GuptaAutomobile Sector, Noida

Very interesting and useful work, commendable efforts.

Dr. Om NaugiBHEL, New Delhi