Large amount of organic toxic wastes generation, lack of adequate treatment and disposal infrastructure, high costs of incineration make co processing an exigent necessity.Waste disposal services in India.

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GGEPIL is the first to produce alternate fuel from hazardous waste in India.

Developing and Operating AFRF’s is a niche GGepil has initiated to ensure reduction in the overall carbon foot print. AFRF’s are aimed at enhancing utilization of waste as fuel in manufacturing processes by way of Co – Processing. As a part of the hazardous waste operations;

GGepil treats different kinds of liquids, Semi Solids and Solid wastes into homogenous products which are uniformly fed through specialized feeding systems as an alternate to fuel in manufacturing sectors like cement, steel, power etc.

Benefits and unique features of our fuel regeneration and energy recovery technique includes:

  • Favorable process conditions in cement kiln ensure complete destruction and absorption of gases
  • Uniform temperature range > 1400⁰C
  • Residence time > 6 secs
  • Alkaline conditions facilitating neutralization
  • Eliminates incineration ash for land filling
  • Negative pressure with effective dust control systems
  • No external power, fuel, chemicals
  • High Thermal Inertia ensures steady process conditions
  • The total waste envisaged to be Handled to the tune of 50,000 TPA
  • A “Pollution Free” Project.
  • No waste water discharge
  • Air emissions only from vents, shall be adsorbed in Activated carbon
  • Solid Residues sent to existing TSDF
  • Best rated chemical disposal
  • Chemical removal

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