Waste to Energy Incinerators

Capacities of our plants ranges from 1 million to 15 million kilo calories/hour

GGEPIL's expertise in hazardous waste management extends to the development of incinerators for safe disposal of incinerable hazardous waste. GGepil developed the first state of the waste to energy incinerators in the country. The hazardous waste incinerator utilizes the heat generated from the process and generates steam which is further used for the generation of power and also supply of steam. The incineration facilities thus are self sufficient to operate whilst taking care of the disposal of different kinds of hazardous wastes generated in the country.

waste incineration

GGEPIL is the first ones to setup a hazardous Waste Incineration Facility

GGEPIL's facilities fully converts energy released from waste incineration to steam and power.

preparation facility

Our facilities are compliant with regulations in India and other South Asian countries

GGEPIL is equipped with waste pretreatment and preparation facility.

energy plant

GGEPIL has established and proposes to establish more waste to energy plants across the nation

Design and management of Incineration plants and preexisting incineration facilities are available on a turnkey basis.

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