Client Testimonials

Sudhir Kumar Misra
CEPRD, Indore

A very comprehensive exhibition on environment and sustainable development.

Arun Srivastava
Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai

Interesting business proposition of taking away the waste handling responsibility from the generator to your own self.

Alok Gupta
Automobile Sector, Noida

Noble venture, i hope it serves as a model for some more such ventures.

Dr. Om Naugi
BHEL, New Delhi

Very interesting and useful work, commendable efforts.

Y.R. Karnal
Consultant (Oil, Gas, Petroleum), New Delhi

I find the GEPIL is doing excellent work in pollution control and environment protection

Dinesh Narayanan
Centre for Biochemical Technology, Delhi

It’s indeed a great privilege to know the company’s activity in the field of Environment

H.R. Vaish
Instapower Ltd, New Delhi

Wonderful! You are doing a great job

A Manoharan
CPCB, Delhi

Good job being carried on for environmental protection, keep it up.

Heavy Engineering Division

“GEPIL, as an environmentally responsible organization for the treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes at their integrated Common Hazardous Waste Management Facility. We are completely satisfied by the facility of GEPIL.”

Pankaj Joshi
I.A.S. Collector Dist. Magistrate

“GEPIL has facilitated polluting industries in the region to have a final disposal arrangement in a scientific manner and in accordance with Hazardous Waste Management Rules. Technologies to handle variety of waste include incineration, solidification, stabilization, other treatments and secured land fill. The facility is made to the required standard and highly appreciable.”

Sachin Infra Environment Limited

“We have found GEPIL very co-operative and helpful. They are making special arrangements for lifting our wastes directly from the source of waste generation at our CETP Plant. We have observed working of GEPIL always as Systematic, Planned and Technically Upgraded with compliance to the Prevailing norms of Pollution Control.”

Sambhaji Patade
UCB India Private Limited

“We appreciate GEPIL’s efforts in developing & maintaining waste disposal facility at Surat to maintain environmental standards in line with Statutory Compliance. GEPIL has provided prompt service at a reasonable cost. GEPIL staff was very helpful and provided us required technical support for waste disposal at their site. We wish GEPIL all the best in…

Pandesara Green Environment & Water Welfare Co- op Society Ltd

“GEPIL is a highly systematic, professional and technically sound Facility with industry friendly approach. Some of our members have been able to market their services better and able to procure orders from multinational companies after compliance of Hazardous Waste Rules of International standards by sending its Wastes at GEPIL.”

Hazira LNG Pvt. Ltd.

“GEPIL is well equipped to handle variety of hazardous wastes falling in different categories like incineration, secured land fill, as well as, heavy metals bearing toxic wastes, under special category viz. solidification & stabilization. They are having facilities for preparing alternative fuel out of such hazardous wastes. We are completely satisfied by GEPIL TSDF facility.”